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Convert TXT documents to PDF files

You can convert your documents stored in TXT format to PDF format on our website with just a few clicks. The procedure is free of charge and works via the browser.

How can I convert a TXT file into a PDF file?

1) Select the TXT files on your computer. Simply use our upload function or the Drag & Drop procedure. If the data is available on Google Drive or Dropbox, the upload is also possible.

2) A table appears with all the files that have been selected. Now you just click on the green button and all TXT files will be uploaded and converted. You can then download the resulting PDF files conveniently via your browser.

What is a TXT file?

A txt file is often called a plain text file. Lines of text are stored line by line. Displayable characters are usually taken from the US-ASCII character set (7 bit=128 characters) or ANSI (8 bit, 256 characters). Each line is terminated by a special character such as CR (Carriage Return) and/or LF (Linefeed). This shows the relationship to old telexes and their peculiarities, since a modern terminal no longer has a carriage return. Unix (LF) and Windows (CR/LF) use different standards for line termination, which is important when exchanging files between different systems.

What is a PDF file?

The PDF (Portable Document Format) is a platform-independent file format, which was developed and published by Adobe Systems in 1993. The format is used for files in order to reproduce them faithfully, regardless of the original operating system, application program or hardware platform. A PDF file can contain text, images, graphics and tables of contents. On any number of pages, fonts, graphics, colors, images and layout of each original document can be maintained. It is not possible to manipulate or edit a PDF, but the documents can be provided with comments or notes. For security reasons, you can use a password to protect the file from unauthorized access.

What is 123convert.com?

123convert.com is a web-based service that allows you to conveniently convert file formats. In addition, you can reduce the file sizes of different images and documents in good quality / resolution. You can do this directly online. All tools are completely free of charge.