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Convert PNG images to PDF files

With our software you can easily convert images from PNG format into PDF files. This conversion is completely free. The whole process is running online and directly via the browser. 

How can I convert a PNG file into a PDF file?

1) Select the desired PNG files on your computer. This can be done by using Drag & Drop or our upload feature. Data stored on Google Drive or Dropbox can also be uploaded in this way.

2) The synoptic table with the selected PNG files then appears. All you have to do is click on the green button to start the conversion to PDF format. The conversion starts immediately after the PNG photos have been transferred. The resulting PDF files can then be easily downloaded.

What is a PNG file?

PNG is a short form for Portable Network Graphics. The file format is a universal graphic format for raster graphics with lossless data compression recognized by the World Wide Web Consortium. Lossless means that all information is preserved even if the file is compressed. This is necessary when the file has not yet been completely processed. The main advantage of the PNG file format is that it supports transparency. In this way a white or other coloured box around the image is avoided. This is especially important in image processing and simplifies it enormously.

What is a PDF file?

This file format was developed and published by Adobe Systems in 1993. This is a platform-independent file format. The name means Portable Document Format. This is also the advantage of PDF files. It compresses Word files, makes them uneditable and protects them from manipulation. However, the content of the document can be checked and parts can be copied. PDF files maintain the original document's appearance.

What is is a web-based service that allows you to conveniently convert file formats. In addition, you can reduce the file sizes of different images and documents in good quality / resolution. You can do this directly online. All tools are completely free of charge.