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Reduce JPG files to reduce file size

Compress images in JPG format free of charge directly in the browser of your computer. A software installation is not required.

How can I reduce the size of a JPG file?

1.) Select the desired JPG files. You can do this easily with Drag & Drop or via the upload function. It is also possible to transfer the files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.

2.) The overview table appears below. Here you can see your selected files. You can add more if necessary. As soon as you click on the green buttons, the photos are transferred and compressed. You can then download the smaller files.

What is a JPG file?

The JPG or JPEG file format was developed for applications where small amounts of image data are important and low resolution is not a problem. JPEG stands for the developer "Joint Photographic Experts Group" who published this format in 1992. JPG is an older spelling and dates back to the time when Windows only recognized file formats with three letters. Through image compression, the format reduces the data volume. This results in a loss of image quality and prevents the image file from being edited later. The biggest advantage of JPG files is its very popular compatibility. Most scanners and digital cameras work with this format.

What is is a web-based service that allows you to conveniently convert file formats. In addition, you can reduce the file sizes of different images and documents in good quality / resolution. You can do this directly online. All tools are completely free of charge.