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Compress GIF files and reduce file size

Simply reduce the size of your GIF files. The service is free of charge. You can compress your files online via your computer's browser. A software installation is not necessary. 

How can I reduce the size of a GIF file?

1.) Select the files you want to resize on your computer. You can do this either by Drag & Drop or with the upload function. The selection is also possible from Google Drive and Dropbox.

2.) You will now see the selected files in the synoptic table. As soon as you click on the green button, the GIFs are transferred and reduced in size. You can then download the compressed files.

What is a GIF file?

The "Graphics Interchange Format" was introduced as early as 1987 and is used for simple graphics, images and short animations on the Internet. The color spectrum is limited to 256 colors, but offers the possibility of a transparent background. The GIF file occupies very little memory space and impresses with its short loading times. The format is not suitable for a detailed representation of high-quality images with corresponding colour depths. A major reason for continuing to use GIF files is compatibility with all kind of browsers and operating systems. Especially, banners or small endless animations consist of GIF files.

What is is a web-based service that allows you to conveniently convert file formats. In addition, you can reduce the file sizes of different images and documents in good quality / resolution. You can do this directly online. All tools are completely free of charge.