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Here you can easily convert your DOC documents into PDF format! The conversion is free of charge and can be executed directly online by using your browser.

How can I convert a DOC file into a PDF file?

1.) First, select the DOC files you want to convert on your computer. This can be done via Drag & Drop or via the upload function. It is also possible to transfer your documents from Dropbox or Google Drive.

2.) After your selected documents appear in the synoptic table, you have to click on the green button. Your files will now be transferred and converted. You can then download all converted documents in PDF format.

What is a DOC file?

Even in the beginnings of computer technology, correspondence was not marked as a TXT file, but was suffixed with DOC (DOCument) for differentiation purposes. Later, in 1983, Microsoft began to use this extension for its proprietary Word file format. Here, the actual data is stored in a machine-readable format only, in which the actual text, formatting instructions and page layout are stored. A conversion to other formats is often only possible with the loss of some formatting. This also affects third-party software that has been able to process DOC files for some time.

What is a PDF file?

The Portable Document Format, abbreviated PDF, was first published in 1993 by Adobe Systems. This is a platform-independent file format. Thanks to the PDF file, electronic documents can be reproduced true to the original independently of the original application program. This was not possible before. The aim of the invention was to give the reader the opportunity to view and print the document in the original form as determined by the author. This eliminates any conversion problems that may occur when the document is exchanged between two programs. PDF files can contain text, images, graphics and assistance to help the reader navigate within the document.

What is is a web-based service that allows you to conveniently convert file formats. In addition, you can reduce the file sizes of different images and documents in good quality / resolution. You can do this directly online. All tools are completely free of charge.